Here to help you make the right choices
Here to help you make the right choices
SAGE Community ServicesHere to help you make the right choices

Property Management & Community Building

Sage Community Services believe in accountability, transparency and equity in housing for all

Why Choose Us?

We at Sage Community Services believe that well-managed communities go beyond the mere fulfillment of their fiduciary responsibilities – they seek to improve the quality of life for residents. When communities are not well-managed this is evidenced by low funding rates, poor community relations, as well as deferred maintenance. Our experience has taught us that not all communities are the same.

Every community has unique needs that can only be met with dynamic solutions, great communication and diligent care. We listen, we care and that allows us to shape our services to the unique needs of your community so you can devote your time to living your best life.

Our team consists of caring and dedicated professionals with more than 20 years of experience. We bring you peace of mind through expert guidance in the form of customized maintenance plans that meet the needs of your individual community. Our customized funding plans are designed to protect your investment and ensure the long-term stability of the community.

We specialize in a wide variety of community-focused services such as member education, rehabilitation of stressed communities, development of new communities, project management, as well as property management.

What We Do

Our core expertise lies in a range of services, including property management, community development, project management, vendor management, and educational support. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients in these areas.

SAGE Community Services

We specialize in property management, community development, project management, vendor management, and education services.

Happy Customers

“We really appreciate that Sage Community Services helps us identify problems before they become headaches for our homeowners.  No matter what the issue is we can count on them to help us come up with solutions that are practical and savvy!”

“Our Community Manager has helped us turn around the community relations and helped us get a lot of important projects completed.  We can always count on her to keep us moving forward towards our goals and bring us common solutions”

“She is patient and takes the time to listen to all the parties to adequately understand the underlying issue at hand and come up with an effective solution. Keep up the great work Nohemi!”

“Nohemi is a great communicator and community builder.  Nohemi was a fan favorite at our building of 74 units.  She engaged the HOA like we’ve never seen before and instead of responding to questions with “I’ll look into that” she would provide context, demonstrate empathy, and hold a firm “no” when necessary while also doing so with gracefully with an explanation.”

“Our community was falling apart and we had severe financial constraints.  Sage helped us evaluate our priorities, brought in expert contractors and brought us great financial solutions.  We are grateful for the help!”

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